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Sams Teach Yourself Access Programming in 24 Hours considerably improves the quality of the database applications that you can create with Microsoft.
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Sams Teach Yourself Access 2000 in 24 Hours

The user enters the H character. In line 2 of Listing IN. In line 6, an integer variable ch is declared, which is assigned to the return value from the getc function later in line 9. Line 8 prints out a message that asks the user to enter one character from the keyboard.

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The printf function in line 8 uses the default standard output stdout to display messages on the screen. In line 9, the standard input stdin is passed to the getc function, which indicates that the file stream is from the keyboard. After the user types in a character, the getc function returns the numeric value that is, an integer of the character. Note that in line 9 the numeric value is assigned to the integer variable ch. In line 10, the character entered is displayed on the screen with the help of printf.

The answers to these quiz questions and sample solutions for the exercises are presented in Appendix E, "Answers to Quiz Questions and Exercises. To help you solidify your understanding of each lesson, you are encouraged to try to answer the quiz questions and finish the exercises provided in the workshop.

This book uses special typefaces to help you differentiate between C code and regular English, and to identify important concepts. Teach Yourself C in 24 Hours consists of five parts.

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Here is an overview of what you're going to learn:. Hour 2, "Writing Your First C Program," demonstrates the entire procedure of writing, compiling, linking, and running a C program. Hour 3, "The Essentials of C Programs," teaches you several important concepts, such as constants, variables, expressions, and statements. The anatomy of a function is introduced in this hour as well. Four data types, char, int, float, and double, are introduced in detail. Also, the rules of naming a variable are explained.

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The following is an overview of what you'll learn:. Hour 7, "Doing the Same Thing Over and Over," introduces looping that is, iteration with the for, while, or do-while statements. Hour 8, "More Operators," tells you about more operators, such as logical operators, bitwise operators, the sizeof operator, and the? Hour 9, "Playing with Data Modifiers and Math Functions," describes how to use data modifiers to enable or disable the sign bit, or change the size of a data type. Also, several mathematical functions provided by C are introduced. Hour 10, "Getting Controls," introduces all the control-flow statements used in C.

They are the if, if-else, switch, break, continue, and goto statements. Hour 11, "An Introduction to Pointers," teaches you how to reference variables with pointers. Concepts such as left value and right value are also introduced. Hour 12, "Storing Similar Data Items," explains how to declare and initialize arrays. The relationship between the array and the pointer in C is also discussed. Hour 13, "Manipulating Strings," focuses on reading and writing strings.

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Several C library functions, such as strlen , strcpy , gets , puts , and scanf are introduced to manipulate strings. Hour 14, "Scope and Storage Classes in C," introduces block scope, function scope, program scope, and file scope. In addition, storage class specifiers or modifiers, such as auto, static, register, extern, const, and volatile are explained. Hour 15, "Functions in C," describes the function declaration and definition in C. The function prototyping is explained, along with the function return type specification.

Hour 16, "Applying Pointers," teaches you how to perform pointer arithmetic operations, access elements in arrays with pointers, and how to pass pointers to functions. Hour 17, "Allocating Memory," explains the concept of allocating memory dynamically. Understanding Someone Else's Database.

Viewing the Splash Screen. Looking at the Types of Security. Working with Encrypted Databases. Examining Relationships. Using the Database Documenter. Hour 5.

Using The Datasheet View. An Overview of the Datasheet Windows. Toolbars Used. Sorting the Datasheet. Finding and Filtering Records. Working with Records in the Datasheet. Data Entry Shortcuts. Working with Subdatasheets. Formatting the Datasheet. Printing the Datasheet. Closing the Datasheet. Hour 6. Using An Existing Table. Opening Tables. Using the Design and Datasheet Views. Examining the Basic Structure of Tables. Examining Table Properties. Hour 7. Using Existing Queries.

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